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In Indonesia, land travel, water travel and air travel complete each other. Where land travel is non existent, you can either fly or take a ferry. Although there are buses connecting the cities and some of the islands, traveling by bus is not safe due to the drivers’ reckless behavior […]

Bus Travel in Indonesia

Barcelona is Spain’s second biggest city in both area and population, with its attractions scattered all over various corners of the city. To get around the city, your best bet would be to take the public transport than walk around the city.  Stretching from the old city centre, Barri Gotic, […]

Getting Around Barcelona

Spain’s rail system isn’t quite as developed as those in other Western European countries, such as Italy. It is improving and adding new high-speed routes, like the one between Madrid and Barcelona, however many of the smaller towns are not serviced by rail, so you’ll need to supplement your rail […]

Getting Around in Spain: Bus vs. Train

Last night I was at a get-together of University colleagues and during a conversation about Java one man said “I’m going there next month. It will be my first time. I want to try a bisak” I mulled this over in my thought and eventually had to ask what he […]

Getting Around in a Becak