Global Warming

Indonesia has so many islands it has not been able to count them all and is having a hard time finding names for them. From coral-fringed atolls to jungle-clad volcanoes thrusting up from the ocean, its chains of islands sprinkled along the equator make up the world’s biggest archipelago. Officially […]

Indonesia Counts its Islands

Many scientists have suggested that around 2,000 small islands in Indonesia will disappear due to rising sea levels caused by global warming. And, if this prediction does become reality, the biodiversity on those islands, including flora, fauna and micro-bacteria — all important sources for potential medicines — will also vanish.

Indonesians in Focus: Damayanti Buchori

A year ago I watched a documentary about a group of environmentalists who tracked tress felled illegally and converted into logs ready for shipment. This occurred in the Amazon jungle. The specially marked logs were shipped to Europe and delivered to a renowned and respected furniture maker, who often spouted […]

Don’t Buy Illegally Logged Goods!

If you’ve looked at just about any magazine or major newspaper that does any environmental coverage whatsoever over the past month, the odds are that you’ve probably heard about Bill McKibben’s StepItUp ’07 campaign.  McKibben was one of the first journalists to sound the alarm loudly about global warming, and […]

Adventures in Carbon Reduction: StepItUp ’07

There’s a cool new blog starting up over at “Writer and photographer James Martin, author with Mark Twight of Extreme Alpinism, has turned his attention to the vanishing ice of planet Earth. Embarking on a new book, Planet Ice, Martin will blog exclulsively for over the next two […]

Planet Ice: A Quest for the Disappearing

It looks pretty nice out my window right now, with a foot of fresh powder, but that’s not necessarily the overall trend. Experts are warning that Climate change threatens Europe’s ski trade. And recently, Aspen Skiing Company filed a “friend of the court brief” in the greenhouse gases case currently […]

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