Are your kids like mine – often with some sort of headphone or earbud plugged into their aural sockets?  Take advantage of that tendency by looking for available iPod/audio guides and tours when you travel.  Kids can keep looking plugged-in and “cool” but may actually learn something on your trip. […]

Listen up! iPod and audio travel guides and tours

Through a couple of referrals by mutual friends on Twitter (here’s my Twitter stream) I got a question from Mzinga executive and social media business strategist Jim Storer about taking his family to Japan later this year. After pulling together an email for Jim, with links to most of my […]

My top tips for travel with kids to Tokyo, Japan

Even though it has been a few years since my kids were babies and toddlers, I have no problem remembering what a challenge it was to take them on family road trips, or to travel on airplanes while lugging a diaper bag, car seat, Cheerios dispenser and those squirty juice […]

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