Although significant travel events have been a bit scarce around here lately, mine is a road-tripping family at heart. Whenever it’s time to plan one, there are a few guidebooks that I turn to again and again, because they are well-edited, accurate and it’s easier to skim through them than […]

My top US road trip guidebooks (yes, books)

My husband was heading to a teacher’s conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan last July, so I thought we’d check out Offbeat Guides. The Grand Rapids guidebook selection is pretty thin at our local Barnes & Noble north of Austin, Texas, and Sainted Husband had very little sightseeing time, so there […]

Just for you: customized Offbeat Guides

Everywhere you travel in Indonesia you will undoubtedly see westerners, backpack slung over the shoulder and guidebook in hand, wondering where the hell is that place or thinking where the hell are we. There are various arguments as to the usefulness of travel guidebooks or are they are an evil […]

Are Travel Guidebooks Useful?