Switzerland’s Appenzell, a half-canton of only 66 square miles, is packed with more charm and cultural richness than found in many countries. Cradled and protected by the surrounding Alpstein massif (mountains), the region’s rugged terrain would normally be inaccessible if it weren’t for an intricate trail network linking dozens of […]

Hiking and Dining in Appenzell

Blessed with year-round sunshine and out-of-this-world beaches, Mallorca is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain. The largest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca is a treasure trove of turquoise beaches, pristine bays and world-class resorts. In contrast to its neighboring island, Ibiza, Mallorca is much more relaxed and calm, offering an […]

Things to do in Mallorca

EcoMotion Tours is a Segway tour group that works in partnership with the Florida Parks Service. EcoMotion Tours guides visitors through Florida’s state park trails, running through both Fort George Island Cultural State Park and Little Talbot Island State Park, protected nature reserves near Jacksonville. The Segways used for EcoMotion […]

EcoMotion Tours

The archipelago of Indonesia is an adventurers delight and also for those travellers who want to get off the beaten tourist path and immerse themselves into different cultures as well as engaging in activities beyond the normal tourist norm. Each island offers something different to the traveller whether it be […]

Adventure on the Mahakam River: Kalimantan