The four dynamite women known as the Traveling Mamas have always been some of our most stalwart Family Travel Logue supporters (photo courtesy the Traveling Mamas.) They hail from California, Louisiana, Arizona and the Colorado Rockies — I’ve known Jennifer, Shannon, Beth and Kara individually as writers, but now that […]

Talking with the Traveling Mamas

Read Part 1 here. “There was also the matter of attempting to train volunteers who had never done TESL before. Totally inexperienced teachers working with highly-stressed true beginners: could there have been any type of situation more difficult to deal with? I don’t think so!” Stay tuned for more about […]

Interview With John Hall, Former Volunteer ESL Teacher For Kosovar ...

In one of the more ironic turns of events, this online writer is going to be the subject of a printed media story. One of the journalists I’m acquainted with recently returned from the states and landed a job at The Westmeath Independent (a local Athlone paper). One of his […]

Blogger interviewed – from digital to analog

Kate Sutcliffe, who recently completed a Trinity Cert TESOL in Woking, England, and took the time to do an email interview about her experience for the TEFL Logue. You can read and subscribe to her ESL Base TEFL Course Diary Blog here, where she details her thoughts and experiences during […]

Interview With Kate, Recent Trinity Cert TESOL Graduate In England