Many folks ask me how to get started as a travel writer and blogger, so it was a pleasure to participate in two recent email interviews that can partly answer that question. ***  On the Netherlands-based blog The Happy Hotelier, I answered 10 Questions for Sheila Scarborough of Family Travel […]

Success in travel writing and blogging

Former VSO volunteer Barry Arnold, who taught English at a technical college in the town of Trincomalee from 2003 to 2005, was kind enough to share his experience with the TEFL Logue in the following piece: Why Are You Outstanding? ‘Why are you outstanding?’ asked Mr Marrikar, my elderly Muslim […]

“Why Are You Outstanding?” A Former VSO Volunteer’s Account Of ...

The topic of ESL or EFL job sites as the cause of the tefl world’s woes comes up every now and again. Should job sites take responsibility for screening job ads? Should they remove them if there are complaints? And are they responsible for the proliferation of “lemon” EFL jobs […]

Are ESL Job Sites To Blame For Unsavory Schools?

Breaking News English creator Sean Banville was kind enough to share some background info on himself and his lessons as well as some practical advice in a TEFL Logue email interview. I’m personally pretty selective about what online material I use in classes, but I can’t speak highly enough about […]

Interview With Sean Banville Of Breaking News English

Find out from Breaking News English creator Sean Banville what exactly goes into each current events lessons on his site and his advice on adapting your own materials for classes in Part 1. Here, I asked him for tips on tefl debates in general; as I mentioned here, I love […]

Interview With Sean Banville Of Breaking News English, Part 2