The truth is most Italophiles don’t need to be given reasons to book a flight to Italy. Most people who love travel just need to find time – it’s not reasons to get out the door that we’re lacking. Still, when reading a recent article listing eight reasons to travel […]

Sardinia: Italy’s Beach Playground

An Italian vacation is the stuff of dreams – it’s the kind of trip people discuss in “once in a lifetime” terms, although many make multiple trips over the years. Even if you do end up going back, you want your first trip to Italy to be the sort of […]

Getting to Know Italy

Italy is, for many people, a once in a lifetime trip. If you get to visit multiple times, you’re very lucky – and since life is uncertain, it’s always a good idea to make the most of every trip you take just in case you don’t get to return to […]

Planning an Italy Trip

Saying that a destination is “on the other side of the world” is usually nothing more than hyperbole for a place that seems far away, but New Zealand really is on the other side of the world from the perspective of most people. Anyone visiting New Zealand from far away […]

Planning Smart for a Trip to Italy from NZ