Spain is a rewarding travel destination that caters to all types of travelers — be it the culture vulture, adventure traveler or nocturnal animal. From an explosive art scene to the raucous bullfighting culture to the rich tapas tradition, Spain has plenty to offer to both first-time visitors and frequent […]

10 Days in Spain: Itinerary Ideas

Spain’s second biggest city is a world of extreme — avant garde styles mixed with age-old traditions. A sizzling crucible of flavors and culture, Barcelona’s Boqueria market is a feast for the eyes while its vibrant modern art scene seduces young, hip travelers with fascinating colors. Barcelona is also a […]

3 Days in Barcelona: Itinerary Ideas

A charming city bursting with monumental landmarks, exotic bazaars and compassionate people, Granada is a place everyone easily falls for. Every street corner springs a surprise and every alley has a story to tell. Stepping foot into its quaint historical center, one can’t help but linger around its narrow passage […]

2 Days in Granada: Itinerary Ideas