Many travelers I know choose to settle down in cities where there’s a good international airport, so when the mood strikes they have a variety of destinations to choose from. Living in Portland means there’s an international airport nearby, and you can always get “there” from “here,” but some destinations […]

Travel from Portland to Japan

The Disney release of the movie Ponyo (here’s an extensive fan review on the Ghibli Blog) has heightened interest in its creator, animation master Hayao Miyazaki, and his Japan-based company Studio Ghibli. You can visit the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka (a western suburb of Tokyo) to see a spectacular facility […]

A magical visit to Hayao Miyazaki’s Ghibli Museum in Japan

Through a couple of referrals by mutual friends on Twitter (here’s my Twitter stream) I got a question from Mzinga executive and social media business strategist Jim Storer about taking his family to Japan later this year. After pulling together an email for Jim, with links to most of my […]

My top tips for travel with kids to Tokyo, Japan

I was rummaging through some of my non-digital photos this morning and found this one of my daughter participating in the Japanese festival Setsubun, which traditionally chases away dark winter and welcomes spring (according to the lunar calendar.) It’s always held around February 3rd or 4th (I think it’s Feb […]

Out with demons, in with good luck at Japan’s Setsubun

My fellow Perceptive Travel blog author Nia Malchik had a moment in the spotlight recently on the Going Places blog, which is part of the Cookie parenting magazine Web site. Nia wrote about some fun wooden beads that she’d found for her son on a trip to Austria, and it […]

Fun souvenir: Japanese children’s chopsticks and bento boxes

American Airlines is offering some very tempting airfares from the US to Tokyo, but they must be booked by May 27 and travel must begin by August 17, 2008. The deals they are offering are of that “one way based on round trip travel” variety, so the $495 fare from […]

Cheap flights to Tokyo

A few months ago Eco Travel Logue reported Japan’s intentions to cull 50 humpback whales and 50 fin whales in addition to their yearly quota of 300 minke whales, all in the name of research — somewhat dubious research. Good news; after international negotiations this week Chief Cabinet Secretary of […]

Japan Halts Hunt on Endangered Humpback Whales