Surprised to find that Spanish is not the only language spoken in Spain? You’re probably not the only one. Besides the main language, Spanish or Castellano, there are a series of dialects and languages spoken in various corners of the country, out of which three are considered official languages. Granted, […]

The 4 Languages of Spain and Where They’re Spoken

Travelling in Indonesia it helps to learn some of the language (Bahasa Indonesia) if it’s only for just getting around town, asking for something, or seeking help. When you travel further a field you will notice that the dialect of the island or region is used.

Sudanese Dictionary Available: West Java

“When introduced to a construction of Spanish grammar in 1492, Queen Isabella of Spain was perplexed. She wondered what purpose grammar could serve. In response to her confusion,the Bishop of Avila replied: “Language is the perfect instrument of empire.”” This quote comes from ESL Pundit, a new English language site […]

Language As The Perfect Instrument Of Empire?

Head over to ELT Notebook to get five picture activities for your classes…along with detailed instructions. Read the story of the EFL teacher who was kidnapped and released in the West Bank…in his own words. Find some resources for developing Halloween-themed lessons and activities. Wondering why some foreigners were “purged” […]

Daily Dose: October 26