When you travel across Java there are many beautiful cities and large towns but none are as cool and delightful to walk around as the second largest city in East Java, Malang. Famous for its cool air and the surrounding country regions, the city was commonly referred to as ‘Paris […]

Fifteen Great Reasons to Visit Malang: East Java

A vast metropolis and the second largest city in Indonesia as well as being the industrial centre of the archipelago, Surabaya is not frequented by tourists as much as the city administration would like. But, the city has a virtual plethora of attractions and historical places that make Surabaya worthy […]

10 Good Reasons to Visit the City of Heroes: Surabaya, ...

Mount Kawi, a major tourist destination near Malang city in East Java, is renowned for attracting fortune seekers. People visit Mount Kawi to ask for blessings and wish for many different things — a successful business, to meet their life partner or for a good career. It is even common […]

The Magic of Mount Kawi: East Java

News from the popular resort area surrounding Malang in nearby East Java, is just too bizarre not to share. reports that the municipal government in the East Java resort area of Batu are preparing to “clamp down” on suspected prostitution practices taking place at many of the area’s panti […]

Locking Up the Knickers: Malang, East Java

A 150 percent surge in the price of soybeans, the main ingredient of tempeh, over the past six months has been a huge blow to tempeh chip makers like Sentot.With another 20 percent rise in the price of cooking oil in the last week, the 37-year-old Sentot is struggling to […]

The Soybean Saga

Most seasoned travellers will be aware of the term “culture shock“, which is an all-encompassing expression to cover the feeling of disorientation that often affects people thrust into new surroundings outside their own comfort zone explains Andrew Charles.

Book Review: Culture Shock! Jakarta

I recall on one of my numerous trips to Bali hearing a group of tourists at a restoran in discussion about visiting Java. One said it was too dangerous, another that Java must be bad because there are a lot of Muslims there, whilst another commented that it lacks the […]

Travelling in Java

For Malang lawyer Sunu Setyonugroho, who has a deep and irrational fear of heights, there’s only one cure. He goes halfway up Mount Banyak at Songgoriti, Batu, East Java. He stands 1,300 meters above sea level, quivering on the edge of a sheer drop, far above a lovely patchwork landscape […]

Paragliding: Malang, East Java