Like many other European countries, Spain celebrates Christmas in fervor with elaborate belens (Nativity scene figurines), glittering lighting and massive Christmas markets. These markets feature rows upon rows of booths bursting with colorful candies, local produce, traditional sweets and gift items. Although these markets are scattered across Spanish cities and towns, […]

Christmas Markets in Spain

Christmas markets are sprinkled throughout Barcelona; if you don’t find anything in one you can always hop over to another to hunt down goodies and unique gifts. Although the Christmas markets in Barcelona can barely compare to the main market in Madrid in sheer size, there are quite a few […]

Christmas Markets in Barcelona

There are some stunning and interesting places in Sumatra and none more so than Pekanbaru in the Riau Islands. It is the capital city of the Riau province and has an estimated population of around 800,000 people. Pekanbaru was once a small city port located on the Siak River and […]

Some Good Reasons to Visit Pekanbaru: Riau, Sumatra