Spurred by the Dompu regency administration, sales from miracle-working horse milk, and an increase in tourism have helped raise living standards for the people of Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara. Sumbawa Island is well known for its horses, descendants of the legendary Mongolian animals and also of Chinese stock. Though […]

Horse milk Cures: Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara

Lombok lies around 35 kilometers east of Bali, at the start of the Nusa Tenggara-Timor island chain that stretches hundreds of kilometers across the islands of Komodo, Rinca, Sumbawa, Flores and Sumba. Lombok is the westernmost island of this chain, which becomes arid and dry after the Wallace Line.

Where is Lombok?

West Nusa Tenggara Governor HL Serinata officially commenced the construction work of Lombok International Airport on Saturday, by laying a foundation stone.The new airport will be located in Tanak Awu village, Central Lombok Regency, around 35 kilometers from Mataram. The ceremony was attended by West Nusa Tenggara provincial officers, Central […]

International Airport Construction : Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara

In a Business News report it was interesting to read that the low-cost national carrier PT Adam SkyConnection Airlines plans to lease five more planes next year to expand its operations, and has set aside Rp 30 billion (US$3.2 million) for each plane. These will consist of Boeing 737-400’s which […]

Adam Air to Expand Operations in Indonesia

Sunday, the 20th of May, 1908: A handful of young Indonesians, led by Wahidin Sudirohusodo, and supported by Soetomo, Gunawan and Suradji — declared the formation of “Boedi Oetomo“, laying the foundations for our independence. The movement would awake Indonesians to Indonesia — to its rich cultural heritage, and age-old […]

Recommitting to National Awakening: Indonesia

A tour of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, will not be complete without tasting the local Taliwang Chicken — Ayam Taliwang — to explore the mystery of its flavor. This typical Lombok dish is a favorite among both locals and visitors to the island. In Mataram, the provincial capital, it can […]

Ayam Taliwang: Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara