Wherever we travel in Indonesia it is imperative to keep an open mind and an objective point of view and not judge people just because they are poorer and have less than perhaps you as a tourist. You will find this when you travel outside of the tourist islands and […]

Village View by Media

A popular ustadz (Islamic preacher) got angry and threatened via email to report a blogger in Yogyakarta to police for defaming Islamic preachers. The blogger promptly retracted his article titled Ustadz Komersial (commercial preacher). Dozens of bloggers wrote in, mostly deploring the arrogance of the ustadz.

Pesta Blogger Party 2007: Jakarta, West Java

The first Art Summit Indonesia (ASI I/1995), was organized in the year 1995, coinciding with the commemoration of the Golden Year of Indonesian Independence, together with various special programs organized by the community to celebrate the 50 years of independence.

Art Summit Indonesia V: Jakarta, West Java