Mexico City

Mention travel to cities in Mexico outside of the Caribbean and Pacific resort towns, and you may be met with a skeptical look. The media has managed to portray this entire country as a war zone, plagued by drug cartels and kidnappings of westerners. While there are some extremely dangerous […]

Why You Should Add Mexico City to Your RTW Itinerary

Mexico City , the capital of Mexico, is one of the largest cities in the world. It is a huge place and is definitely hard to tackle for those who visit it for the first time. Still, with a good map in hand and relaying on the public transportation, you […]

Getting from Mexico City to Cancun

Mexico City is constantly buzzing with activities and is a great place to go out, day or night. Whatever your style or preference, you are sure to find something suited to your mood. Blues, discos, hard core metal bands, jazz and salsa dancing are some of the things you will […]

Night Life in Mexico City

The Museo Nacional de Antropolgia is located in Mexico City and is home to one of the most thorough archeological and ethnographical collections in the country. Each exhibit is dedicated to a different pre-Colombian culture such as the Mayas, Aztecs, Toltecs, and several smaller indigenous cultures throughout the country. >> […]

Museo Nacional de Antropología