It’s not hard to decide to head to Mexico for a hot vacation on the beach. However, depending on where you’ll be flying from chances are you’ll have to decide between the Caribbean and Pacific Coast. That’s unless you live in Texas and have quick access to both coasts. If you fly from California your most likely destination will be Los Cabos , while if you fly from the East Coast you are probably going to head to Cancun .

Best beaches in Mexico

One of the many family-friendly companies that I’ve found online since I started blogging is Ciao Bambino. I first read about them in Budget Travel — can’t remember if it was the print magazine or their blog, but both are stuffed with good info that I tuck away for future […]

Finding value in vacation home rentals

October marks the last month of the rainy season which means that the prices are still low and the crowds are still not here, but the weather changes fast from sunny to rainy that it can mess your plans a bit more than you expected. However, October is a lovely […]

October in Mexico