There are plenty of reasons why people want to visit Miami – the weather is spectacular (even when it’s cold up north) and the South Beach area is one of the “see and be seen” parts of the country. Unfortunately, that kind of high-end reputation doesn’t often lend itself to […]

Cheap Hotels in Miami

Winter trips to Florida may be in the category of “need” rather than “want” for many people – in that they need to thaw from the freezing temperatures they’re stuck with back home. But a summer trip to Florida can be just as wonderful – not to mention significantly warmer. […]

Orlando for the Kids, Miami for the Adults

Review of Miami’s Jungle Island, formally Parrot Island. Miami’s Jungle Island is a fun filled family animal attraction that offers much more than a zoo. Formally called Parrot Jungle Island, this Florida attraction has been in operation since 1936.Originally, the Parrot Jungle Island featured only parrots. The park is still […]

Miami’s Jungle Island