Contrary to most people’s belief, Spain is not all about flamenco, bull-fighting, siestas and fiestas. As one of the most diverse countries in Europe, Spain is packed with old and new; cosmopolitan and laid-back rural; cutting-edge modern and humbly traditional. While memories of yesteryears are still proudly on display along […]

Things You Should Know About Spain

The latest addition to Spain’s collection of museums and contemporary architecture is the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. Better known as Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències in Valenciano, it is a mega entertainment-based cultural and architectural complex housed in an extraordinarily futuristic and modern complex. Only opened in […]

City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia

Are your kids like mine – often with some sort of headphone or earbud plugged into their aural sockets?  Take advantage of that tendency by looking for available iPod/audio guides and tours when you travel.  Kids can keep looking plugged-in and “cool” but may actually learn something on your trip. […]

Listen up! iPod and audio travel guides and tours