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Y’know how sometimes, no matter how good your most recent experience is, you find yourself reminiscing about your first? The one that opened your eyes to a world you didn’t know existed before? Oh, stop. I’m talking about the first destination you traveled to, people. I talk about Italy all […]

Remembering Your “First”

Well, I’m not really going to call this one “cheap” but I still do think it’s a good deal and worth mentioning. Flights from the US to New Zealand are never cheap, and touring around the country can really be spendy as well, so this 12-day Classic New Zealand package […]

Tour New Zealand at a reasonable price

Toobing the Tuma Tuma — Forget whitewater rafting, here its all about the backwater. This is a tubing adventure you wont soon forget. Spend hours floating, crawling, and scrambling around an underground river. The underground river runs the beautiful and unspoiled Waitomo Caves. Durring your trip you’ll climb through dry […]

5 Awesome Adventures in New Zealand