It’s been a while since we took a look at the newspapers and blogs around Scotland, so here’s a round up of recent posts from around the country. There’s talk of independence, not to mention a look at some very hot Scots, and a story from Scotland’s past. Scotland’s Most […]

Around the Blogs: 8 February 2009

Yogyakarta is often referred to as the cultural heart of Indonesia, and its people, the friendliest. A beautiful city, Yogyakarta boasts such amazing attractions as the mighty Borobudur Temple, the Hindu Temple complex of Prambanan, and the Kraton to mention a few. It is a city that leads the way […]

The Faces of Yogyakarta: Central Java

The old black-and-white pictures of life in the Dutch Indies on show at Erasmus Huis gallery were once education materials for school children in the Netherlands. The photographs, called schoolplaten or school plates, gave pupils in the Netherlands a glimpse of life as it was far away in Borneo, Papua, […]

Colonial Photographer Exhibition: Jakarta, West Java

Rio Helmi has been capturing images of Asia since 1978, constantly adding to a richly textured portolio that celebrates the region’s people and places, contemporary lifestyles and Mahayana Buddhism. His work is often seen in books, magazines and documentaries. He has exhibited in Bali, Jakarta, Palo Alto, San Francisco and […]

Rio Helmi – Artistic Genius: Indonesia

Iceland has resumed commercial whaling, and tourists have responded by canceling trips there… Saturday is the annual Bridge Day Festival at New River Gorge in West Virginia. Skydivers and rapellers draw the crowds, whitewater rafting is nearby… A worldwide competition has produced the Wildlife Photographs of the Year show at […]

Daily Dose 10.19

Lots of good stuff today… Camping takes you close to nature, and it’s fun and kid-friendly besides. Newsweek offers an online primer for newbies…. Today’s Belfast Telegraph offers 10 excellent tips for seeing the world while saving the planet… Check out some gorgeous pictures from the 2006 winners of the […]

Daily Dose 09.25