Mendoza is the center of the wine industry in Argentina. It is also close to the Aconcagua, the world’s second highest peak. It is a popular vacation spot both for those who want to enjoy some wine tasting and those looking for an adventure. During winter (June to late August), […]

Getting from Buenos Aires to Mendoza

As the capital of the Biscay province in Northern Spain’s Basque Country region, Bilbao is a stopover for many during a trip to the north. Home to the world-famous Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao breaks the Spanish stereotype and seduces with a subtle tinge of aloof elegance. For architecture-lovers, Bilbao is a […]

Getting from Barcelona to Bilbao (and return)

With easy access to various cities in Spain, Barcelona makes the second most popular city in Spain to fly to (next to Madrid). Thanks to the large network of budget airlines that connect Barcelona to the rest of Europe, cheap airfares to Barcelona are easily available. Barcelona’s international airport is the […]

Budget Airlines that Fly to Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most popular vacation destinations in Spain. And with a lot of low-cost carriers serving this lovely city, it can be quite cheap to spend a vacation here. Barcelona is also a perfect base for visiting the rest of the country. For example, you can plan […]

Barcelona — a must see during your vacation in Spain