Let’s face it, mass tourism has produced a lot of problems for the ‘paradise island’ and none more so then the crap that is spat out of exhaust pipes. It’s not only the trucks leaving massive clouds of greyish-black smoke to choke you, it’s the constant traffic jams. There really […]

Pollution on the Streets: Bali

Having just spent two months on holiday with my wife in Bali, we had on occasions to go to Denpasar albeit reluctantly. I actually found the pollution there worse than in Yogyakarta. There are constant traffic jams (macet) and it is these that are one of the causes of pollution […]

Denpasar City Pollution: Bali

Indonesia is a country with some of the world’s richest coral reefs but over the years, rising sea temperatures have led to severe coral bleaching in some of the most spectacular reefs off the palm-fringed islands of Sulawesi and Bali that are home to exotic fish like the brightly coloured […]

Indonesian Coral Reefs in Danger

I can well remember the first time I visited Kepulauan Seribu (thousand islands) on one of my first trips to Java a long time ago. A pristine playground where you could get involved in just about any kind of adventure and the diving was superb. It still is. But now […]

Dumping Garbage in Kepulauan Seribu: West Java

It seems to me that I am forever seeing articles in the media about the Indonesian environment being trashed and disrespected. Let’s face it, it will never stop until the Indonesian Government passes laws which will severely punish these perpetrators of Indonesia’s beauty.

30 Pollution Cases Reported: Palembang, South Sumatra