I’ve written before about our experience with Priceline…here’s a quick refresher on our takeaways from that search for a Las Vegas hotel room for a business trip…. Hotel rooms and other purchases from travel auction sites are generally nonrefundable. Be prepared for a walk or dealing with transportation if you […]

A few more Priceline tips

I know I sound like the last one to the party, but my husband and I just got a hotel room through Priceline and thought we’d share our experience….in case there are, what, 6 other people who’ve never tried bidding at a travel auction site. I like to reach those […]

Tried Priceline yet? We just did.

So here’s our challenge: Find the cheapest way to get two people from the Rockies to the Yucatan with a week-long stopover in Florida. We’ve got around 500 bucks, 50,000 frequent flier miles and a $50 companion ticket to make it happen. Should be no problem, right? Those frequent flier […]

Adventure Planning: Flights to Florida and Latin America