Paella, tortilla de patatas and churros con chocolate: we all know these famous Spanish dishes, but surely these are not enough to feed our craving for Spanish gastronomy? Dig a little deeper and you’ll see that Spanish gastronomy is extremely diverse and versatile. Although menus in most tourist restaurants tend […]

Eating in Spain: Menu Tips

Sure, some would say that a steakhouse experience is wasted on young kids, but I think they need to learn what a really amazing steak tastes like (and it’s never too early to start.) The Cattlemen’s Steakhouse in Fort Worth‘s historic Stockyards District is one of our favorites – the […]

I got yer beef right here in Fort Worth, cowboy

The Monument Cafe is located right off of the very attractive courthouse square town center in Georgetown, Texas (just north of Austin.) It’s a restaurant that looks all curvy and Art Deco but was really purpose-built and is quite modern in sensibility, including free WiFi and with a “non-Flash website […]

Local favorite: Monument Cafe in Georgetown, TX

I’m warning you, the sweet potato fries here are embarrassingly addictive. We’d just popped off of Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah National Park near Luray, Virginia and were looking for a local restaurant for a late lunch when we passed a group of cabins tucked next to the road under […]

Good food in the Shenandoah: Brookside Restaurant in Luray VA

You know how it is in restaurants with little kids; you need to get seated quickly, get the food quickly and one parent ends up doing the “toddler-chase” while the other one bolts down the contents of his or her plate. A good noise level to drown out the occasional […]

Kid-friendly Mexican food in Houston: Lupe Tortilla

I know, it’s food overload this time of year, but how can you miss when it’s slab-sized brownies? These are from the Rather Sweet Bakery in German-tinged Fredericksburg, Texas. It’s tucked behind the historic building where Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz was born, just off of Main Street and down the […]

Photo of the Week: rather massive brownies at Rather Sweet ...

Cancun is a very well known vacation spot because of its beautiful resorts, lovely beaches and superb diving spots. It’s also very close to Mayan ruins which makes it a good base for day trips. While the majority of travelers choose an all-inclusive package and hence eat at the resort’s […]

Best Restaurants in Cancun