Many travelers – particularly those among us who want to travel as much as possible on the smallest budget – know that by sticking to cheaper countries to visit so we can stretch our travel budgets further. We also know that, while there are money saving tips and tricks that […]

Saving Money in the Most Expensive Places

Many people who embark on long-term trips do so because they’re hoping to get more out of the money they spend. Especially if you live in the US or in Europe, there are places in the world where you can live for much less – which can also mean traveling […]

Next Stop After Thailand on RTW Tour: India

By now you’ve probably heard about Coca-Cola’s new round-the-world travel adventure, Expedition 206. The winning trio of travelers – Antonio, Kelly, and Tony – will spend 2010 visiting all 206 countries in which Coke products are sold. Yes, that’s 206 countries in one year. I’m absolutely not a math whiz, […]

BootsnAll’s Interview with the Coca-Cola Expedition 206 Winners