Y’all know I can be pretty tight-fisted, right? I’ll happily spend money when it makes sense to do so, and for things and experiences that are special, but when it comes to transportation and hotels, I’m okay with your basic clean versions. I simply want to get back and forth […]

Need a laugh? Low-cost airline spoof video had me rolling

ooooo, Irishness in a DAILY DOSE! Just about then I realised I was getting the auld DDs, When the child of Prague began to dance around the mantlepiece . . . That’s right, below are the the 6 of the most popular Irish websites. Like lemmings, the online Irish masses […]

Daily Dose – Most popular Irish Websites of 2006

People have a lot of negative things to say about Ryanair. Most of this criticism comes from their inconvenient baggage policies, exorbitant extra fees or occasional problems with their overworked and underpaid staff (who are probably as fed up with their employer as the passengers are). But this time they’ve […]

Ryanair hates families