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A gaggle of some of my dearest travel blogging friends run a dynamite fundraiser every year – it’s called Passports with Purpose and oh by the way, the BootsnAll Travel Network (which hosts this blog) is a Platinum PwP sponsor. So what’s with the “build a village” thing? How can […]

Build a village and win cool travel stuff: Passports with ...

I’ve written before about our experience with Priceline…here’s a quick refresher on our takeaways from that search for a Las Vegas hotel room for a business trip…. Hotel rooms and other purchases from travel auction sites are generally nonrefundable. Be prepared for a walk or dealing with transportation if you […]

A few more Priceline tips

I know, I know….the kids should simply “look out the window at the scenery” on trips….like we did, right? (Did you cringe the first time that phrase came out of your mouth as a parent?  Did you think, OMG what Old Geezer thing will I say next – “We walked […]

Finding the best iPhone and iPad apps for kids

Many of you may have seen news items and/or blog posts about the new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules pertaining to blogger disclosures and celebrity endorsements.   They take effect on 1 December 2009 and violations will incur fines of up to US$11,000. I have rather strong opinions about bloggers […]

What you see here is what you get: new FTC ...

We’re so used to using search engines like Google or the new Bing Travel to look for travel deals (and metasearch engines like Kayak or Travelocity to book trips) that it’s easy to forget one “old school” way to do it…. The visitor’s Web sites that belong to the destination […]

Hunting for travel deals? Don’t forget these Web sites

While my household and I wrestle with The Virus That Will Not Die, I’m longingly reading pal Wendy Perrin’s recent dispatches from the Caribbean, where she’s currently traveling with her family. Wendy is the Consumer Travel News Editor at Condé Nast Traveler and the magazine’s resident Web 2.0/social media expert […]

Quick insights on travel with kids in the Caribbean

My husband was heading to a teacher’s conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan last July, so I thought we’d check out Offbeat Guides. The Grand Rapids guidebook selection is pretty thin at our local Barnes & Noble north of Austin, Texas, and Sainted Husband had very little sightseeing time, so there […]

Just for you: customized Offbeat Guides

Just a note for my client HomeAway vacation rentals, who are currently paying the bills….although I would be remiss not to mention that right here on the BootsnAll Travel Network is a Vacation Rentals Guide. Anyway, Today, January 7, 2009 at midnight is the last day to send in your […]

Last day to enter HomeAway Getaway contest

If you’re anything like me, you need a vacation after the winter “holidays” (and yeah, it isn’t much of a winter “break” either, is it?) All of that running around, usually with at least a road trip thrown into the general insanity, if not a flight or two….and traveling with […]

Win a $5000 HomeAway Getaway vacation

I know I sound like the last one to the party, but my husband and I just got a hotel room through Priceline and thought we’d share our experience….in case there are, what, 6 other people who’ve never tried bidding at a travel auction site. I like to reach those […]

Tried Priceline yet? We just did.