There probably are not that many military history enthusiasts likely to read this, but for those among you who would make the pilgrimage to Gettysburg, to the beaches of Normandy or the islands of the South Pacific, then Kilimanjaro is about as interesting a battle site as you could hope […]

Historic Kilimanjaro

To ensure the survival of their art, theatrical actors and actresses in Indonesia need to explore their creativity. As did Iin Mutmainah, 31, a theatrical actress from Lampung, who since 2002 has performed as story-teller. Initially, Iin took up story-telling to earn some extra cash so she could continue her […]

Indonesians in Focus: Iin Mutmainah

A group of 16 Canadians recently got off the mountain this last week, and a story was published about them in a Canadian newspaper. The interesting thing was that most of group was over 50. The group leader was in his seventies and had just recovered from a hernia. Some […]

16 Canadians Summit Kilimanjaro