Bandung is one of my favourite places in Java and is located in the cool of mountainous areas. It is the capital of West Java and is the fourth largest city in Indonesia and rated the fastest growing city in the country. Most of its residents are Sundanese and the […]

Museums in Bandung: West Java

Many ethnic groups across the country, including the Sundanese, are facing the threat of the declining use of their language or writing system. Sundanese leaders are particularly concerned by the fact that while few youngsters use Sundanese at home, fewer still are able to use the Sundanese script.

Sundanese Writing System

Once the talk of the town, traditional Sundanese play group Miss Tjitjih is struggling to survive. Named after its legendary lead actress back in the 1920s, the group is known for its horror comedy theatrical productions — some of them adapted into films such as Beranak dalam Kubur (Giving Birth […]

Miss Tjitjih Theater Group: Jakarta, West Java

The angklung is a bamboo instrument consisting of a number of vertical tubes attached to a handheld horizontal rod that is rattled by the performer. It has become not just an instrument for making music but also for devising political and social protests.

Sundanese and the ‘Angklung’ Patent Battle: West Java

A new culinary business in Bandung has hit upon an idea to create a food that would lure an endless stream of visitors — as well as to take advantage of tourists to the West Java capital, located only an hour’s drive from Jakarta.

House of Sausage: Bandung, West Java