Teaching Life

The feedback portion of the CELTA, in my opinion, can be the part that does people in. By that I mean — the part that they cannot stand. I found the feedback difficult at times, especially because of the pressure of an intensive course, but ultimately incredibly helpful. The feedback […]

Surviving The Feedback On Your Teaching Practice: My Experience

If you’re like me, you have accumulated a good deal memento-type stuff which you are not quite ready to part with. Aside from the practical difficulties of carting around ticket stubs, coins, and cards from students, the main problem is how to display these goodies. As appealing the idea of […]

What To Do With All That Stuff

The holiday season is just around the corner…or was it that corner I passed three blocks ago? I’m terrible with directions, so I’m really not sure, but wherever or whenever it is, the holiday season comes with several important questions: Where are you going? Lots of EFL teachers will return […]

Christmas In TEFL