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Nick, who’s home for the summer following 7 months in China, was kind enough to do an email interview for the TEFL Logue. His tips for new teachers come from his experience in China, but are relevant anywhere: 1. Keep an open mind…about your students, your environment, the curriculum, and […]

Top 5 Tips For New Teachers (From A New Teacher ...

Via the Longman site, the Cutting Edge companion website allows teachers or students to select a level and find quizzes and other resources that fit with the theme in the book. You can find links romantic love letters on the web in Intermediate Module One, as well as links to […]

Online Resource: Cutting Edge Companion Website

In Part 1, Amy, a seventh grade English teacher of students who have disciplinary problems, gave some background information on her school and students and also described the challenges she faces. What advice does she have for teachers facing similar situations? “This is what I recommend to other teachers who […]

Interview With Amy, Alternative School English Teacher In Texas (Part ...