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Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Why did you choose this company? For two extra points, which is not a good ending for this sentence? My weakness is that: a) I work too hard b) I am impatient for results c) […]

“Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?” Teaching Interview ...

The topic of ESL or EFL job sites as the cause of the tefl world’s woes comes up every now and again. Should job sites take responsibility for screening job ads? Should they remove them if there are complaints? And are they responsible for the proliferation of “lemon” EFL jobs […]

Are ESL Job Sites To Blame For Unsavory Schools?

Onestopenglish.com has a section called Methodology Debates which I was pleased to find (see my first post on these debates, along with my personal disclaimer, here). I was happy to see that I did some of the things that EFL teacher Lindsay Clandfield considers as important for teachers of the […]

From OneStopEnglish.com: Are You A Teacher Of The Future?

I’ll admit it: sometimes I make fun of Headway. But I also sometimes teach from Headway — sometimes by choice — and it’s not a bad book. Following Sue’s comment on my post about tapescripts a few weeks ago, I decided to have a look around the Oxford University Press […]

TEFL Logue Review: Oxford University Press Teachers’ Club