TEFL Training

There are three reasons to get your TEFL certificate now: CELTA, Trinity TESOL, TEFL International, SIT, take your pick, but make your choice soon. As I mentioned in When To Do a TEFL Course, there are benefits to taking a course at any time of year; some schools, especially those […]

Three Reasons To Get Your TEFL Certification Right Now

Insights Into TEFL recently expanded on the notion that there are many teachers billed as “unqualified” working in China. On the one hand, I would not want to imply that training isn’t important; I think it is, and I believe that training in communicative method, like that in the CELTA […]

Unqualified Teachers In China? From Insights Into TEFL

It can be an awkward moment when students want to know how you’ve been trained to teach them. Native speaker EFL teachers are hired to do work that is substantially different from that of university professors or, say, elementary school reading teachers, and as such, I don’t think a four-week […]

What Should I Tell Students About My Training?

In Part 1, Kineta described how her TEFL course changed her outlook on teaching. Continue here to find out more about the challenges and rewards as well as her advice for others. What was the most difficult part of the course? Kineta cites “getting and more importantly staying organized” as […]

Interview With A Recent TEFL Course Graduate, Kineta In Wisconsin ...

Kate Sutcliffe, who recently completed a Trinity Cert TESOL in Woking, England, and took the time to do an email interview about her experience for the TEFL Logue. You can read and subscribe to her ESL Base TEFL Course Diary Blog here, where she details her thoughts and experiences during […]

Interview With Kate, Recent Trinity Cert TESOL Graduate In England