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A vast metropolis and the second largest city in Indonesia as well as being the industrial centre of the archipelago, Surabaya is not frequented by tourists as much as the city administration would like. But, the city has a virtual plethora of attractions and historical places that make Surabaya worthy […]

10 Good Reasons to Visit the City of Heroes: Surabaya, ...

During the time of the Soeharto regime tourism flourished in Indonesia and especially in places like Bali and Yogyakarta. Western tourists virtually flocked to Yogyakarta to experience the Javanese culture, visit the archaeological icons in or near the city and, this was mainly due to Yogyakarta’s reputation of being the […]

Doing the Tourist Thing: Yogyakarta, Central Java

There are numerous cities and towns you can visit in the province of Kalimantan and one of my favourites is Banjarmasin. The largest city in Kalimantan, the place is a fascinating labyrinth of canals and waterways offering the visitor some amazing experiences. Many of the waterways are used for travel, […]

Places to Visit in Banjarmasin: Kalimantan

Batik is a popular decorated textile but for Javanese, it means much more — it embodies a philosophy that holds importance from the cradle to the grave. It is still a common practice to wrap newborns in batik cloth, and a piece of batik selendang (scarf) is regularly used to […]

Batik — an Intangible Heritage Wonder

Youth activists displayed more than 10,000 handprints at Borobudur in Magelang, Central Java, on Sunday, as part of a campaign to help preserve the temple. As many as 140 banners with the handprints were carried in a procession by the young activists around the temple ahead of Waisak Day (Buddha’s […]

Handprints Displayed to Support Borobudur Preservation

“Come, come … please. You see Museum Kereta (carriage museum),” were the words of a guide at Yogyakarta’s Kraton (palace). He was most insistent that the visitor to the Kraton also came to the nearby Museum Kereta. The walk to the museum is not far and visitors may benefit from […]

Carriage Museum: Yogyakarta, Central Java

Archaeologists are worried a plan to construct new housing in Pasir Eurih village in the Tamansari district of Bogor will destroy 70 historical sites from an ancient, mysterious Sudanese kingdom. According to research conducted by students of Pakuan University in Bogor and the University of Indonesia in Depok, 33 of […]

Save Bogor Historical Sites: Bogor, West Java

Lombok Island’s Mount Rinjani National Park may well join UNESCO’s World Heritage List next year because of the incredible symmetry the park provides between nature and local culture. To be included on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s world heritage list the national park must meet at least […]

Mount Rinjani for World Heritage List Next Year: Lombok, West ...

A team representing Bali World Heritage will attend a final meeting at UNESCO headquarters in Paris in the next few weeks regarding a proposal to give three sites on the island world heritage status. One of the sites is a magnificent landscape of terraced rice fields with a traditional irrigation […]

Three Sites Nominated for World Heritage Status: Bali