At long last cartoonists are being recognised for their art and insight into the daily happenings across the archipelago. Now, Indonesian cartoonists finally have a place to call home after the Indonesia Cartoon Museum was officially opened with dozens of cartoons and cartoonists featured from around the country. “We want […]

Cartoon Museum: Kuta, Bali

Most of you, at one time or another, have been approached on the street or in a bar by a kupu-kupu malam, a prostitute. If you were in Bali, then this occurs frequently and even during the day. What is worse, these are young girls who should be in school […]

Prostitution and Destitution: Indonesia

Travelling in Indonesia it helps to learn some of the language (Bahasa Indonesia) if it’s only for just getting around town, asking for something, or seeking help. When you travel further a field you will notice that the dialect of the island or region is used.

Sudanese Dictionary Available: West Java

When I first read about this claim, I reflected on just how many times over the decades I have flown with Garuda Indonesia inter-island and internationally. There were only 2 flights in all that time that I boarded other airlines.

Garuda Indonesia Upset at Claims of Frequent Accidents