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I’ve discovered traveling – of course, with my parents and grandparents — at about the same time I’ve discovered that I love to read. A lot. And as I’ve shifted from fairy tales and children’s book to adventure, travel and foreign literature, I realized that I want to see the […]

Reason to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter: I ...

Ask any child what their favorite vacation spot would be and the answer is a guaranteed: Disney World! The magical world of Disney, countless things to do and fun entertainment definitely recommend such a place for a family vacation. If you want to surprise your child with an unforgettable vacation […]

Family Vacation at Disney World

For a first class flight of imagination, when at Disney World, in Orlando, Florida, don’t miss Fantasmic, MGM Studios twenty five minute laser and light show. The show will not disappoint, unless you have an aversion to a spectacular performance of dancing lights, Disney characters, flaming water effects and fireworks. […]

Fantasmic Laser Show in Orlando