Great news for tourists wishing to visit the island of Bali. Now there is no more trudging down to your local travel agent to obtain a copy of the Garuda Holidays Book or copping the usual hype from these folk telling you the best place to stay on the island […]

Garuda Releases Holiday Guide

Hotels and other tourism sector players should constantly improve the quality of their services so tourists will feel comfortable and want to come back to Bali, according to an official of the Culture and Tourism Ministry. In January 2008, the ministry recorded 145,883 foreign tourists visiting Bali, a 29.88 percent […]

Hotels to Improve Services: Bali

The spa industry in Bali has experienced a growth period in the last couple of years as spas — incorporating beauty salons, hair dressers and luxury treatments — have emerged into one of the island’s main tourist attractions. At the same time, the world has started to acknowledge Bali’s tourism […]

Booming Spa Market: Bali

Nearly all star-rated hotels in Bali are fully booked for the Idul Fitri and Lebaran holidays. Most hotels at Nusa Dua, Kuta and Sanur beaches are no longer taking reservations between Oct 11 and 18 as they have been fully booked by domestic guests from Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung and other […]

Bali Booked Out

Traveling north from downtown Bandung, the roads appear to bend and climb endlessly into the hills that surround the city. Through the area of Dago and its numerous factory outlets, the only direction seems to be upwards and only gradually does the cityscape give way to more rustic and green […]

Maribaya: West Java

Owabong, an acronymic name for “Bojongsari water tourism object” in Bahasa Indonesia, is indeed a unique tourist site. True to its name, Owabong offers entertainment all connected with water, and is a suitable place for water lovers. The recreation center located in Bojongsari village of Purbalingga regency, Central Java, offers […]

Owabong Springs a Unique Water Tourism: Purbalingga, Central Java

I have talked to a lot of tourists on my travels in Indonesia. A lot, but not all, who have been on holiday for a while have said they are tired of eating rice and all the local fare and would give their front teeth for a good old-fashioned sandwich.

California Sandwiches in Jakarta