Last week I enjoyed spending 30 minutes on Blog Talk Radio with Australian entrepreneur and coach Des Walsh.  He has a regular program called Des Walsh and Friends, with a wide variety of guests all discussing some aspect of technology and business. The noteworthy advantage of Blog Talk Radio (or […]

Travel, tourism and the social web on Blog Talk Radio

Actually, it’s not that bad, but I’m certainly getting some of the frenetic startup-flavored experience as my partner Becky McCray and I prepare to launch a new online business next week. I’ve been writing about tourism and the social Web on another blog for a couple of months (Sheila’s Guide […]

Sleep? What sleep? My new business launches in about a ...

It can be an awkward moment when students want to know how you’ve been trained to teach them. Native speaker EFL teachers are hired to do work that is substantially different from that of university professors or, say, elementary school reading teachers, and as such, I don’t think a four-week […]

What Should I Tell Students About My Training?

In Part 1, Kineta described how her TEFL course changed her outlook on teaching. Continue here to find out more about the challenges and rewards as well as her advice for others. What was the most difficult part of the course? Kineta cites “getting and more importantly staying organized” as […]

Interview With A Recent TEFL Course Graduate, Kineta In Wisconsin ...

Tedkarma, creator of TEFL Bootcamp free online TEFL training, has contributed his insight and advice to the TEFL Logue before, most recently on the topic of using business experience to help you in TEFL. Tedkarma has an M.Ed. in Educational Psychology (learning theory) and describes it as “…invaluable – on […]

Why Go To Grad School?

In Part 1, Tedkarma set the stage and outlined the reasons for getting an advanced degree in the field of English language learning. Read on to get a more in-depth view of how a Master’s degree will relate to professionalism, opportunity and personal philosophy. Professionalism: We all know that most […]

Why Go To Grad School? Part 2

Kate Sutcliffe, who recently completed a Trinity Cert TESOL in Woking, England, and took the time to do an email interview about her experience for the TEFL Logue. You can read and subscribe to her ESL Base TEFL Course Diary Blog here, where she details her thoughts and experiences during […]

Interview With Kate, Recent Trinity Cert TESOL Graduate In England