As anyone one would know that has visited Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta, it is absolute mayhem in the traffic not to mention the pollution being pumped out of all the exhaust pipes of cars, buses and motorbikes as well as Bajaj. Sometimes as a visitor it is a nightmare to […]

Zipping around in Jakarta: West Java

The Directorate General of Land Transportation will implement a stricter, quality-based approach when selecting shuttle service providers to link Soekarno-Hatta International Airport with nearby cities.

Tighter Airport Services: Jakarta, West Java

Nine regency and city administrations in West Sumatra have said they support and help operate and build new rail tracks in the province. They included the West Sumatra provincial administration and those of eight towns and cities where the train is scheduled to operate: Padang city, Pariaman regency and city, […]

Agreement on Trains: Sumatra

As a news reporter, traversing all the five municipalities of Jakarta every day is the norm. But getting back to the office in time to meet deadlines amidst horrendous evening traffic is something else.

Ojek – Unreliable Public Transport: Jakarta, West Java

Who’s saying what, who, where, why and when. Purge your angst at the state of Edinburgh’s traffic. Come on, venting makes you feel better. Edinburgh surgeons pioneer the use of Botox to cure incontinence. I’m sure there’s a humourous one-liner there. Anyone? Roll on: New skate park opens in Edinburgh. […]

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