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I’m happy to announce that my 9-year-old son and I are getting on a plane next week to visit the Hawaiian islands. Vacation? Uh, no. Work. Really. A lot of tourism organizations are starting to see the value of the social Web and social media-based content, and the Hawaii Tourism […]

A bunch of bloggers will show you So Much More ...

If you’re planning a family vacation right now, you might wonder what I’d suggest for the best places to take the kids to the beach. Everyone has different criteria for an awesome beach. My perfect seashore has warm water, protected/calmer areas for babies and toddlers, enough wave action to keep […]

Where I’d take my kids: best US family beach vacations

Have you noticed that my family hasn’t traveled anywhere lately? Yeah, we’ve noticed too. 🙁 I’m moderately sulky about it, but I’m determined to fill in the void by exploring my own backyard, in Austin and Central Texas. We ran around downtown last weekend trying to get to the annual […]

Photo of the Week: Ode to Amy’s Ice Creams in ...

Here they are, and coincidentally both were on Chevy cars parked right next to each other in Dayton, Ohio. You know I had to drop everything and take travel geek photos. The plates feature taglines for two different states in two different regions of the US that both use an […]

Dueling tourism taglines for North Carolina and Ohio

Looking for a unique way to teach your kids about the past? Enjoy taking the family to living history museums? Keep an eye out on your travels for events called “Knap-ins” or “primitive arts festivals,” where your kids can revel in their inner Sacajawea or Daniel Boone. Similar to reenactments […]

Back to the basics: hone your primitive skills at a ...

While my household and I wrestle with The Virus That Will Not Die, I’m longingly reading pal Wendy Perrin’s recent dispatches from the Caribbean, where she’s currently traveling with her family. Wendy is the Consumer Travel News Editor at Condé Nast Traveler and the magazine’s resident Web 2.0/social media expert […]

Quick insights on travel with kids in the Caribbean

The funky slanted yellow things behind my daughter and I are the Kubuswoningen or Cube Houses in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. You can tour the interior of one of them to see how clever design and architecture creates interesting places to live.

Photo of the Week: the Cube Houses, Rotterdam

I don’t know about you, but lack of time and cash flow have both combined to really crimp the ol’ travel plans this winter.  Too bad, because you can find lots of bargains in January and February, when many places are in the off-season and people are busy cocoon-ing in […]

A day out with kids in Austin, Texas