Virtually all tourists who come to West Papua travel to the Baliem Valley in the highlands. Wamena, the main town, draws tourists who are interested in trekking and in the culture of the local Dani tribes. But there are many other interesting places such as exploring the rivers and lakes […]

The Rivers and Lakes of Papua

An unforgettable holiday in Indonesia needs nothing more than a still volcano, a village disco, internationally recognized tropical reefs and a pack of playing cards. Sarah Porter reports from Pulau Bunaken, North Sulawesi. The sound of the old boat’s engine churned and groaned, sending gentle vibrations through the bow’s crackling […]

Pulau Bunaken: North Sulawesi

The main road in Samosir presents the traveler with two options. To the southeast lies the village of Tomok, while in the opposite direction are Ambarita and Simanindo. From both headings one can turn inland and climb to the highlands via trails less-traveled and be richly rewarded with spectacular views […]

Tombs and Megaliths: Samosir, North Sumatra

Bird species in Indonesia number in their thousands and are a delight to watch when you are out trekking, especially in the rainforests or jungles. Following a major change in Indonesia’s forestry law, a ground-breaking initiative to protect and restore an area of Sumatra’s remaining dry lowland rainforest has now […]

Harapan Rainforest Initiative: Sumatra

Gunung Rinjani, located in the east of the island of lombok, is Indonesia’s second highest peak and is eclipsed only by Mount Jayawijaya in Papua. Gunung Rinjani is a volcano that is currently giving birth to a new mountain in Seggara Lake. The area is monsoonal with Mount Rinjani treks […]

Climbing Gunung Rinjani: Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara