Madrid is a bustling  metropolis, a transportation hub in the center of Spain, and an important center for commerce and art in the country. Although the Spanish capital is packed with attractions, museums and renown tapas bars, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the hectic traffic and highrises. […]

Recommended Day Trips from Madrid

The coral reefs off Bunaken Island are a divers paradise and should not be missed while you are in Manado, Sulawesi. Relatively unspoiled and magnificent virgin reefs await divers and the drop-off walls at Liang cove has caves, gullies and caverns, harbouring an immense wealth of marine life. Spectacular reef […]

Diving at the Bunaken National Marine Park: Sulawesi

The archipelago of Indonesia is an adventurers delight and also for those travellers who want to get off the beaten tourist path and immerse themselves into different cultures as well as engaging in activities beyond the normal tourist norm. Each island offers something different to the traveller whether it be […]

Adventure on the Mahakam River: Kalimantan

I can recall many times when I lived in Cairns, Queensland, in Australia and going out in a boat owned by a friend of mine to do some big-game fishing. It was exciting, even exhilarating, but, when we finally hauled the large fish onto the boat, I almost felt like […]

Jungle Ulua Fishing Adventures

During the time of the Soeharto regime tourism flourished in Indonesia and especially in places like Bali and Yogyakarta. Western tourists virtually flocked to Yogyakarta to experience the Javanese culture, visit the archaeological icons in or near the city and, this was mainly due to Yogyakarta’s reputation of being the […]

Doing the Tourist Thing: Yogyakarta, Central Java

An island with the central areas being rugged mountains, Sulawesi has a distinctive shape with four large peninsulas. It is an island famous for its culture and traditions, its panoramic beauty and has some of the most beautiful beaches in the archipelago as well as some of the best diving […]

The Island of Sulawesi

I can still recall the very first time I visited Semarang, the northern coastal in Central Java. It was in the middle of the hot season, the winds blew even hotter and the dust was annoying to the eyes. But, I loved it. It was refreshing to visit and experience […]

Places to Visit in Semarang: Central Java