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‘Hidden among the rocky outcrops or kopjes of the vast, internationally renowned Serengeti plains is a camp that exudes a decadence reminiscent of old Africa.’ This is the opening preamble to the Migration Camp website, which fairly describes the attributes of this ‘camp’. Old Africa indeed! Tastefully arranged tented accommodation […]

Serengeti Migration Camp

I have a number of groups climbing Kilimanjaro this coming summer. All of these groups are looking for other people to join. Typically the groups are composed of other independent-style travelers in small groups or alone, that are looking to share in the excitement of climbing Africa’s highest mountain. If […]

Upcoming groups climbing Kilimanjaro, 2008

This year BootsnAll will be staging an escorted and guided New Year’s Eve Summit of Kilimanjaro & Safari between December 23 and January 3 2008/9. I will be personally leading the climb via the Lesotho Route with aim of reaching the summit to catch the sunrise on New Year’s Day. […]

BootsnAll Guided Summits 2008/9

For those of you interested in other trekking adventure trips outside of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, BootsnAll Travel Network is organizing a two week trekking adventure through the Himalayas. From Oct 7 to Oct 22, our adventure trek in Nepal will follow one of the most popular routes, on the Annapurna […]

Nepal Trekking Himalayas – Come With Us!

Tap into your inner adventurer and climb Mount Kilimanjaro with other fun, outgoing, intelligent forward thinking individuals such as yourself! You will want to be a part of this climb that will expand your horizons and be a monumental feet in your life experiences. This October, Rachael Cadden of Verve […]

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