Although significant travel events have been a bit scarce around here lately, mine is a road-tripping family at heart. Whenever it’s time to plan one, there are a few guidebooks that I turn to again and again, because they are well-edited, accurate and it’s easier to skim through them than […]

My top US road trip guidebooks (yes, books)

Every Tuesday until we run out of states, I plan to post about family-friendly vacation ideas, attractions and events in each one of the US states, taking input mostly from Twitter and Facebook. Yes, I know how to search for travel ideas on a destination or attraction Web site, but […]

Family travel in Oregon: the 50 state series

Amy, who teaches seventh grade English at a large school district in Texas was kind enough to share her experience and advice in an email interview for the TEFL Logue. Find out what she does, what challenges she’s up against, and how she overcomes them. Amy’s school is an alternative […]

Interview With Amy, Alternative School English Teacher In Texas

In Part 1, Amy, a seventh grade English teacher of students who have disciplinary problems, gave some background information on her school and students and also described the challenges she faces. What advice does she have for teachers facing similar situations? “This is what I recommend to other teachers who […]

Interview With Amy, Alternative School English Teacher In Texas (Part ...