Considered by many as Spain’s national dish, the emblematic paella is a flavorful concoction that has won the hearts of many throughout the world. A jumble of cooked-to-savory-softness yellow rice mixed with fresh seafood, red meat and a myriad of condiments, the paella makes for a hearty Mediterranean meal.  Best […]

The Most Famous Spanish Dish: Paella

The latest addition to Spain’s collection of museums and contemporary architecture is the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. Better known as Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències in Valenciano, it is a mega entertainment-based cultural and architectural complex housed in an extraordinarily futuristic and modern complex. Only opened in […]

City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia

Being Spain’s fourth biggest city, Valencia is quite a popular place to visit, especially during its famous festivals. As the staging ground for the reputed Las Fallas de Valencia and La Tomatina (in nearby Buñol), Valencia gets packed with tourists in March and August, when these festivals are held. So […]

Cheap Hostels in Valencia

Along the sun-kissed coastline of Costa Blanca, there is no lack of seabreeze and fresh turquoise waters to frolick in. Quaint white villages abound, with the towering mountain range of Puig Campana as an intimidating backdrop. Tucked away from the chaos of Benidorm and the , this section of the […]

Luxury Travel: An Award-Winning Spa Hotel in Albir

Along the golden coastline of Benidorm, you can hardly see sand. Instead, soaring skyscrapers poke out of the skyline, each seemingingly competing to see who’s taller. But I’m not here to lounge on the beach or discuss about the overdevelopment of Benidorm’s shoreline, I’m here to experience a starkly different […]

Off the Beaten Path: Outdoor Adventure in Benidorm

Four-wheel driving through rugged terrain, kayaking to deserted islands and checking in to a wellness clinic – bet you wouldn’t associate these activities to the notorious tourist-flooded beachtown of Benidorm. To the surprise of many including myself, those were exactly what I did during my recent blogtrip to the region […]

A Sneak Peek of the Valencia Blog Trip