I just finished a post over on my Sheila’s Guide to the Good Stuff blog, about why tourism organizations might want to hold off using one of those neat pocket video cameras that shoot in HD (high definition) unless they have access to some rather sophisticated editing software and a […]

Don’t buy that HD video camera till you read this

For those of my readers who are interested in really ramping up their own blogging skills, I’ll be participating in a Webinar next week called the Girlfriend’s Guide to the Business of Blogging. (After blogging about family travel for almost four years here, you know I have stuff to talk […]

Getting serious about your blog? I can help

The folks at BootsnAll (who host this fine Ireland travel guide) have been dipping their toes into the internet TV pool lately. They’re producing some of their own videos, but also collecting travel-related videos from the vast collection of what’s already available out there. So, rather than searching and sifting […]

BootsnAll TV Features Ireland Videos

I often receive the question, what happens if someone gets sick and needs to descent from the mountain. Well, typically, and it depends upon each situation, there are assistant guides that walk the person to a lower elevation, depending upon his or her condition. Here is a video of someone […]

Altitude Sickness

This guy is pretty much my hero. He climbs skyscrapers without any sort of rope or safety device. I wantched an interview with him wehere he said that when he climbs in other countries he usually gets beat up at the top and goesto jail for a few months. How […]

The Real Spiderman

If you have ever tried to stand up on a slackline, you know how impressive this is. For those of you who dont know what slackling is; its much like tight rope walking. The two main differences are that the line is not tight (hence the name slacklining) and that […]

Slackline Front Flip

Here is your weekly dose of insane video fun. This week’s video is comprised of dare devil of sorts, Kris Holm, extreme unicycler. This guy can do more with one wheel than I can do with two feet. From riding hand rails to extreme downhill mountain biking trails, this guy […]

Extreme Unicycling