An old Indonesian children’s folksong goes “Nenek moyangku orang pelaut, gemar mengarung luas samudra, menerjang ombak tiada takut, menempuh badai sudah biasa.” The lyrics can be translated as “My ancestors are seafarers, wading great oceans fondly, thrusting waves fearlessly, going through storms every day.” The song reflects native wonder at […]

Marunda Fishermen: North Jakarta, West Java

Orangutans are one of the most endangered species on earth. According to Charles Darwin and the Darwinian Theory, apes are our closest relations. In Indonesia orangutans are seen as a source of pride for the country and yet, their habitat is disappearing at a rate faster than anyone could imagine. […]

Survival of the Orangutan

The biggest irony about Jakarta is that people see it as a city of a thousand chances, yet chances are actually confined, especially in relation to space. It seems that the rich get richer and the poor end up sleeping in cardboard boxes.

Metro Jakarta: West Java

Studies have shown most of Jakarta’s ground water is polluted with E. Coli and Coliform which can cause diarrhea and life-threatening cholera. Jakarta’s water operators still do not have connections to a lot of the city so many residents use wells and have no access to clean water.

Water Still Poisonous: Jakarta, West Java

Malang residents took a different approach to protesting against the declining amount of green space in the East Java city — they wrote letters to the trees themselves. The letters were sent to a mahogany tree and a banyan tree in the city ahead of Earth Day on April 22. […]

Activists Send Letters to Trees in Protest: Malang, East Java

In the next 10 years the accumulated fish crisis in Indonesia is believed to totally destroy the country`s fish resources.The crisis began when it became difficult to find fish of certain species on the local and global market, and a drastic increase in the price of fish, Coastal and Marine […]

Fish Crisis will Destroy Marine Resources