West Java

Currently underway in Bandung, the capital of West Java, is the Helarfest, a month-long series of events showcasing more than 30 events at different venues around the city. Organized by the Bandung Creative City Forum, it aims to “awaken” the city’s residents and its visitors to what can be found […]

Helarfest: Bandung, West Java

Bandung is one of my favourite places in Java and is located in the cool of mountainous areas. It is the capital of West Java and is the fourth largest city in Indonesia and rated the fastest growing city in the country. Most of its residents are Sundanese and the […]

Museums in Bandung: West Java

As anyone one would know that has visited Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta, it is absolute mayhem in the traffic not to mention the pollution being pumped out of all the exhaust pipes of cars, buses and motorbikes as well as Bajaj. Sometimes as a visitor it is a nightmare to […]

Zipping around in Jakarta: West Java

A lot of my friends have remarked upon visiting Jakarta that it is a polluted and a heinous traffic nightmare. Although there remarks are warranted, nonetheless, Jakarta is a fascinating city to visit and more especially if your interests are in museums and the colonial days of Jakarta under the […]

Jakarta Museum Guide: West Java

In Bandung, West Java, Dewi Sartika is better known as a jumbled road of traffic jams, sidewalk vendors and shopping centers. At a point halfway down the road to the south of the town square lies the squalid public minivan terminal of Kebon Kalapa, with its dirty puddles and bad […]

Tracing Dewi Sartika’s Struggle: Bandung, West Java