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Tucked away in the north central part of Spain, Bilbao is an interesting part of Spain to visit, both for its architectural masterpiece and atypical flair. Unlike most Spanish tourist spots, Bilbao has an aloof air of extravagance. But its lack of passion is made up for by an intriguing […]

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As one of the most popular travel destinations in Spain, Granada is best known for the world famous monument, the Alhambra. But besides the Alhambra, you’ll find there’s plenty to Granada than the ancient Moorish palace. Studded with quaint white-washed houses, sun-kissed alleyways and hill-top ruins, Granada is often dubbed as one […]

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Mallorca is reputed for many things: pristine beaches, great food and hordes of tourists. But head to the capital city of Palma de Mallorca, and you’ll be surprised to find more locals wandering the streets than camera-touting tourists. With a beachfront Cathedral and a gorgeous medieval old quarters, Palma de […]

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Ibiza, the great party capital of the world, is an excellent island to unwind and lounge around the pristine beaches with your friends. With year-round excellent weather,  stunning beaches and a greaty party scene, it’s no wonder travelers from all over the world flock to the shores of Ibiza year after year. Where to […]

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